American Murder: Criminals, Crimes, and the Media

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Is there more to the story than told? HighlightsThe prison incarceration rate dropped to its lowest level since There are two new reports on prison and jail incarceration from the US Department of Justice. Links below. ObservationsDoes policing change the personalities of officers? Most would suggest that it does. Being a cop destroys your soul. Thirty-five years of award-winning public relations for national and state criminal [More Change should come from research or the US Department of Justice or from national associations, but their ability to [More Do [More QuestionsHow safe are you in your home from burglary and violent crime?

What about places near your home or the residence of another?

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What is the probability of victimization by people you [More Fewer than one in four defendants charged [More The Jussie Smollett decision is not unusual. If researchers and critics cannot come to an understanding as to what [More An overview of recent polls as to Americans and crime.

Retired federal [More I'm for criminal justice reform, but the lack of consistency in the arguments of advocates and the disingenuous nature [More HighlightsIf we are going to release the vast majority of defendants without an agency's supervision and assistance, we are asking for the downfall of bail reform.

HighlightsPoliticians, newspaper editors, cities and communities need to be held accountable for their own crime problems. Mandating aggressive enforcement in communities that don't want it is a guaranteed criminological and public [More Programs routinely fail. Recidivism is extremely high. Thirty-five years of [More Thirty-five years of award-winning [More Feel free to suggest additional categories.

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Great information efficiently presented. You are quite possibly one of the most knowledgeable people on issues related to criminal justice that I have encountered in my daily research and google hunts, and you clearly know how to untangle BJS statistical reports and others.

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Interviewed and quoted by every national newspaper, wire service, and electronic media plus dozens of foreign media outlets. Articles featured in Law Enforcement Today, Corections. We respond to reporter and reader inquiries. However, for all the air time and public discussion devoted to mass shootings in the US, nearly all people murdered in America this year will be murdered the "old fashioned" way.

They'll be murdered by a family member or a jilted lover or by some street thug looking to score some cash to pay for a drug fix. Most Americans murdered this year will be victims of the sort we see in Baltimore where ordinary murders of the non-mass-shooting variety continue to wreak havoc on the local population. These murders won't be any less tragic than murders from mass shootings.

But you won't hear nearly as much about them as you'll hear about the mass shootings. Of course, from a public policy perspective, it's easy to see why pundits and politicians and media journalists would push the mass-shooting angle so hard. The seeming randomness of the shootings allows nearly the entire population to imagine that it could be a victim of a mass shooting at any time. After all, these shootings occur in churches and in schools and at county fairs. These are places where ordinary, middle class Americans go. More importantly, these are places voters go.

It's easy to look at street crime in a big city and dismiss it as simply a problem for people who live in "slums.

Yes, it may very well be that trends reverse themselves, and we enter another cycle of rising crime in coming years. For now, however, most Americans' estimates that crime is "getting worse" in the US appear to be unfounded. Contact Ryan McMaken. Ryan McMaken ryanmcmaken is a senior editor at the Mises Institute. Send him your article submissions for Mises Wire and The Austrian , but read article guidelines first.

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Ryan has degrees in economics and political science from the University of Colorado, and was the economist for the Colorado Division of Housing from to View the discussion thread. Skip to main content. Image source: Getty. Browse Books. Ray Surette, a professor in the department of criminal justice at the University of Central Florida, has called some of these acts " performance crimes ," in which perpetrators essentially commit violent acts as if they were playing to an audience for attention.

He told ABC News that there have "always been people committing crimes with an audience in mind," although those crimes were not publicized as much before the rise of social media. The tactic had been more commonly used by terrorist groups or political protesters to try to publicize their causes, Surette said, but now there are a growing number of people posting violent acts online who are not affiliated with larger political or armed groups.

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Surette said he worries that media coverage of crimes like this one and of mass shootings can contribute to a rise in copycat crimes. Research on mass shootings has found that a desire for attention and recognition can motivate some attackers. In a study , researchers looked at mass shooting data and found that after a mass shooting, it was more likely that there would be another within the next 13 days.

During a presentation at a American Psychological Association meeting , researchers from Western New Mexico University outlined similar findings. The researchers found that when there were more mentions on Twitter about a mass shooting, chances increased that there would be another mass shooting in the next few days. Additionally, the authors reviewed published material and found that "most shooters desired fame and wished to emulate a previous mass shooter.

But understanding the motives behind committing a horrific murder and then uploading video of it to the web is difficult. Such crimes are often the result of multiple factors, some of which may never be known. Naftali Berrill, the director of the New York Center for Neuropsychology and Forensic Behavioral Science, told ABC News that the decision to upload video of a crime to social media may stem from a perpetrator's desire to take control of a situation.

He said that in general, people who commit random acts of violence may do so to fight feelings of powerlessness.

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Berrill said by sharing the crime online, a perpetrator is also aiming to reach a sort of celebrity status or notoriety, even if it is for the worst possible reason. Cleveland police said they are still investigating what prompted Stevens to allegedly attack Godwin. We will keep doing all we can to prevent tragedies like this from happening. All rights reserved. Play Facebook via Reuters. Interested in Cleveland Facebook Murder?