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And when I couldn't read, or when the stories I loved were over, I'd make up new stories in my head. It was a very natural transition from being an avid reader and lover of stories to being a writer, where I could create my own stories to share with others. Why did you decide to write for young people? What I like about writing for and about teens and children is that everything ahead of you is potential.

Everything is new, and you are just becoming the person you will be.


That is exciting! And terrifying! And excellent fodder for storytelling. Did anyone support you becoming an author? My parents always believed in me and supported my dreams of writing. And my husband did, too, buying me my first nice notebook and telling me to finally write down that story I was always talking about. Do you base your characters on people you know? Not deliberately. I might steal characteristics or descriptions, but for the most part my characters come alive in my head all on their own.

Though I will sometimes name a character after someone I know as a joke. I've made my literary agent a character, and even killed one of my former publicists in a book. Sorry, Casey! Are your characters like you? Every character I write has to be a little bit like me, because they come out of my brain.

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But usually the biggest thing I have in common with my characters is my sense of humor. I don't know any other ways to be funny, so, unfortunately, neither do they. What is your favorite book? I could never pick just one! There were thousands of books in between, and thousands since, and thousands more to come!

I hope that is helpful for your assignments! I answer a few more questions after this, so feel free to keep looking around. But thank you for reading my books! I very much hope you enjoy them. And seriously, tell your teachers not to have you ask what an author's birth date is. Kiersten White said so.

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What is your next book? E ndlessly finished the trilogy. I have no plans to write further in Evie's voice. I have a lot of stories in my brain. Regular siphoning is required. I'll continue to write YA and MG books until they pry this laptop from my carpal-tunnel-plagued, sleep -deprived hands. I am not usually in charge of where I do events.

I wish I could visit all my readers! Alas, geography is a cruel mistress. How can I find out where you'll be? Check out the "Appearances" tab --it will list my next few signings, as well as stores you can order signed copies from. Can you send me swag free stuff like bookmarks, signed books, etc. I'm allergic to the post office. When is the movie going to get made? None of my books are currently optioned for film or television. But if anything changes, I'll let you know!

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I cannot get you a role. How do you find time to write? It's my job, not a hobby, so I treat it like one. When the conversation turns to his travels Scylla accuses him of stirring up trouble. In the ensuing argument Scylla foreshadows the Oedipal curse that hangs over his head. In the swamp near the plantation, a group of conspirators enlist Augustus to assist them in whose stated goal is to kill their oppressors: slave masters and those who support the institution of slavery.

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Their mistress Amalia overhears and orders Augustus to the big house at sunset. Once there, Amalia and Augustus engage in a conversation that challenges and attracts them to one another, ending in a kiss. As Amalia daydreams about her new lover, the slave girl Phebe and Augustus discuss the plans for revolution while the other slaves ponder exactly what their mistress and Augustus do together.

When confronted, Augustus chokes Hector to death. At Hector's funeral, Phebe and Augustus steal away to speak of the revolution. That evening, Augustus confronts Louis in his study with a knife drawn.

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  6. Louis pulls out a gun and begins to speak of the basket with red rosettes that Augustus was secreted away in. Augustus mistakenly thinks that Louis is his father and rips open his shirt to reveal the damage done by the spurs left in the basket. Outside, the revolt has begun and Augustus stabs Louis. Augustus hurries to Amalia's room to confront her, thinking it was she that left the spurs in the basket. As Augustus comes to realize the circumstances of his birth, Amalia stabs herself. The slaves burst in, lifting him onto their shoulders, oblivious to his anguish. She posits that in Dove's adaptation, reading is equated with power as a way to resist the notion of slaves being intellectually inferior to their white masters.

    He refutes this, going so far as to lament the predictability of the Greek masters. This is a way for Augustus to meet her on equal ground, at least intellectually.

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    This is particularly true when there is a power difference between the speaker and their subject. Consider the backlash against Kenneth Goldsmith or Vanessa Place, two avant-garde white artists whose purportedly anti-racist work got them accused of, well, racism.


    If such a prize really existed, Beautiful Losers would probably win. For these reasons, Beautiful Losers will likely continue its slide into the dustbin of history and with it our memory of the young author who wrote it, high off his face on amphetamines and sunstroke on the Greek island of Hydra. And this will be a loss, for Beautiful Losers is an important reminder that before Cohen became a saint, he was just a flawed man.