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Wolfgang Kauer born 20 February is an Austrian author who lives in Salzburg. He writes novels, short stories, audio plays, and poems in German. Wolfgang Kauer was born in Linz, where he attended Adalbert-Stifter-Gymnasium until his graduation in In , after working as a free-licensed journalist and teacher in Linz, Kauer moved to Salzburg.

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He teaches at a grammar school there, the Humanistisches Gymnasium. He writes lyric poetry, prose, short stories, novels, and audio plays. In , as part of an annual writers' competition held by the Salzburger Autorengruppe, Julian Schutting, a world-famous Viennese author, recognized Kauer as the best author in Salzburg. Showing Average rating 4. Rating details.

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More filters. Sort order. Start your review of Ferien auf Saltkrokan. I loved reading Astrid Lindgren's magical and evocative descriptions of the rugged Swedish coastline and its small islands with their delightful and generally pretty well self-sustaining and self-sufficient life and culture. I adored young but oh so self-assured Tjorven and her faithful Saint Bernard Bootsmann, and indeed I also found the bumbling author father of the Melkersson clan while at times annoyingly childish and impractical, generally immensely loveable and of course the ending of Ferien auf Saltkrokan , where two of the youngest children, where Tjorven and Pelle manage to do what the adults have not been able to achieve, where the two children manage to save the desired holiday house from being bought by a scheming developer by locating the actual owner of the cottage and purchasing it for just some pocket change, both surprising the adults and of course massively angering and infuriating the entitled and superior acting developer and lawyer, that has always made me smile with very much appreciation.

However and that having all been said, as an older adult rereading Ferien auf Saltkrokan , while I still enjoy and appreciate most of what I adored about the novel in my younger days albeit that I do now kind of think that in particular Tjorven is depicted in a rather exaggerated fashion by Astrid Lindgren , there is also quite some annoying and frustrating personal displeasure present. For as an older reader, I do indeed consider the almost constant childish helplessness of the father rather problematic at times and would like to shake Melker Melkersson a bit into reason , not so much because he is disorganised, distracted and generally forgetful and with the tendency towards emotional outbursts at all and sundry problems and potential issues , but more so because Melker Melkersson totally and without any type of contrition and shame on his part gladly seems more than willing to let his oldest daughter, to force 19 year old Malin to shoulder ALL responsibilities for the family and for how the family home is run and kept working.

And while of course I do still very much like reading Ferien auf Saltkrokan , I do NOT so much anymore if at all really appreciate the amount of constant domestic responsibilities, chores and duties Malin has on her young shoulders and that the entire family from her father to her brothers seem to think that Malin is somehow their domestic servant in many ways, with the brothers even actively attempting to thwart any and all romantic aspirations their sister might have and simply because they do not want Malin to marry and thus leave them without their "housekeeper". Therefore, while I still do highly recommend Ferien auf Saltkrokan which seems to be called Seacrow Island in its English translations , I do indeed only recommend the novel with the caveat that there should in my humble opinion and yes definitely also be some major discussion regarding the amount of domestic duties Malin Melkersson is constantly being saddled with and that everyone and in my opinion even Astrid Lindgren herself to a point seems to regard her as simply a housewifely type of person, as basically the one person in the Melkersson family who is and should be even though she is only 19 years of age responsible for everything and that it is even seen as acceptable and normal, natural that her father simply does nothing and is generally not responsible for anything regarding house and home.

Nov 07, Liis rated it it was amazing. This is without a doubt my favorite book by Astrid Lindgren.

I remember being twelve or so and saving up to buy my own copy. The book still remains on my bookshelf and I like to pick it up and read it every once in a while. It doesn't feel like a children's book when I read it. It simply feels like a wonderful and heartwarming story about children on Seatcrow island. It's definitely a book I'll be reading to my own children: I recommend this book wholeheartedly! View 1 comment.

Astrid Lindgren is of course the creator of Pippi Longstocking. This book is rather different, being a character-driven family story.

Malker is a widowed, deeply impractical, writer. His oldest child and only daughter, Malin, is 19, and looks after the household all the cooking, cleaning, mending, etc and her three younger brothers.

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Niklas and Johan are 12 and 13 I don't remember which is which , and Pelle, the youngest boy, who is crazy about animals, is 8. The book opens on board a ferry boat on its way Astrid Lindgren is of course the creator of Pippi Longstocking. The book opens on board a ferry boat on its way to an isolated island off Sweden's coast where Malker has impulsively rented a summer cottage sight unseen.

The cottage turns out to be dilapidated yet cozy, and the family is soon having little summer adventures, and getting to know the islanders. The cover illustration is appealing and I like stories about both islands and families so I was really prepared to love this book.

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But to my surprise, I found it a little hard to get in to. Perhaps the translation was not quite as fluid as it could have been. I felt sorry for Malin for having all the responsibility of the household on her shoulders. Her father is essentially an additional child, which is never a situation that I find charming, although I think Lindgren means us to. Malin's diary entries, which are interspersed throughout the book, have a bright artificial tone that I found off-putting perhaps it would have been more realistic to have her express some ambivalence about her situation!

Niklas and Johan never really developed distinct personalities in my mind.

Ferien auf Saltkrokan

I was also unconvinced by Tjorven, a seven year-old island girl, who, Lindgren assures us, has a sort of magnetic charm that enthralls all the characters, but to which I was impervious. However, I kept reading, and I'm glad I did. The book doesn't end at the close of the summer as one might expect, but covers a full year, so you see the island in Fall, Winter and Spring, and start to feel at home there. The characters also grew on me, especially Pelle, with his fervent love of animals, including his "pet" wasps who live under the eaves.

A major problem at the end was resolved in a rather facile way, but even so, when the book ended I was distinctly sorry to say goodbye to Seacrow Island. View all 5 comments. If Enid Blyton Had Been Swedish, and a Bit Edgier This is a warm and affectionate memoir of a close family's summer on a remote island, but I read it as a bit edgier, and thus more interesting , than many of the reviewers who have comfy childhood memories of this book.

This isn't "The Sound of Music" with fish. The Melkerson family comprises father Melker, who is rather scatterbrained, theatrical and ineffectual, except when he's not. We have twelve and thirteen year old J If Enid Blyton Had Been Swedish, and a Bit Edgier This is a warm and affectionate memoir of a close family's summer on a remote island, but I read it as a bit edgier, and thus more interesting , than many of the reviewers who have comfy childhood memories of this book.

We have twelve and thirteen year old Johan and Niklas and "baby" Pelle who are more typical young boys. She is buffeted and confused and exasperated by all of her roles and is fascinating as she switches gears and moods during the course of the summer, actually, sometimes during the course of a day. On top of all of this we have the islanders, who are a mixed bag of characters, mostly with redeeming or at least eccentric and engaging qualities.

e-book Das Inselmädchen (German Edition)

Leading the island pack is seven year old Tjorven, a willful independent neighbor girl who is usually at the center of the action. This has some vinegar and conflict and spark that spices up the island summer. There are touching family scenes, some sensitive nature writing, a few antic comedy events, lots of swimming and boating, some very dry humor, a dog and a fish having a staring contest , a bit of suspense and adventure, and some broad humor.

Underlying it all is an odd blend of cheer and wistfulness. The Melkerson children can be difficult or careless, but Lindgren draws them with affection, not judgment, and leaves us with a sweet and bracing memory of a real family during a real summer in a real place.

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This may be children's literature, but the emphasis here is on literature. Although it's curious to note that this is actually a novelization of the beloved 13 episode T. Please note that I received a free advance ecopy of the new edition of this book, same Ramsden translation , in exchange for a candid review. Apart from that I have no connection at all to either the author or the publisher of this book.

Little idillic island parted from the main land. Few good people live here in peace, having simple jobs, great food, amazing landscapes and a lot of fun. Pelle, same age, who's living here with his family in Summer and having wasps as pets. Stina, who's fighting with Tjorven for Pelle at Little idillic island parted from the main land. Stina, who's fighting with Tjorven for Pelle attention and having a little seal.

Melker Melkersson, Epikhodov-like arrogant Pelle's father, who can't do anything right and tends a lot towards theatretical poses and speeches, but recieves a lot of love from his children.

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Johan and Niklas, his other two sons who are Tommy and Annika of this story. And Teddy and Freddy, two Tjorven sisters, who are teaching Johan and Niklas to live on this isolated island.