Das Tal der vielfarbigen Gräser: Geschichten vom Suchen und Finden (German Edition)

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This success is founded on the close co-operation with the best choirs, ensembles and choral conductors from all over the world. New ideas for recording repertoire are often developed together with projects for Carus editions in conjunction with the concert plans of our artists. Attractive and distinctive CD design as well as interesting and comprehensive booklets round out the productions and lend the Carus label its well-known image. Reginald L. Sanders Carus Hans Bergmann Carus Ulrich Leisinger Carus In cooperation with the Bach-Archiv Leipzig. Since its founding the editions of the music of Johann Sebastian Bach have played an important role at Carus.

Reinhold Kubik Carus Fassung O my God, when shall I perish Frieder Rempp Carus Klaus Hofmann Carus Felix Loy Carus Hans Grischkat Carus Kantate zum Pfingstfest 1. Christine Blanken Carus Dialogus zwischen Furcht und Hoffnung Sonntag nach Trinitatis bzw. Anselm Hartinger Carus Diethard Hellmann Carus I see now, as I to the wedding bidden Frauke Heinze Carus Ute Poetzsch-Seban Carus Judgment day 9.

Ulrich Bartels Carus Ulrich Leisinger, Anja Morgenstern Carus Tobias Rimek Carus Klaus Hofmann in prep. Ruprecht Langer Carus Solveig Donadel Carus Uwe Wolf Carus Kritische Neuausgabe Complete Motets without Bc. Critical new edition ed. Daniel Melamed Carus Ulrich Leisinger in Carus Peter Wollny.

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Sie erlebte zu Bachs Lebzeiten mehrere grundlegende Umgestaltungen. Carus bietet alle erhaltenen Fassungen. John Passion is among the greatest settings of the Passion in the history of music. Carus offers all of these surviving versions with the original german and singable english text. The version corresponds to a large extent to the most frequently performed traditional, mixed version.

The mixed version follows the first 10 movements of a score from , which Bach never uncompleted and continues with the performance parts of the version. Both versions can be performed using this edition.

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A separate vocal score is available for the mixed version Carus This version differs most clearly from the frequently performed traditional version. It integrates the St. John Passion into the annual cycle of chorale cantatas. The vocal score is based on the vocal score of Version IV and gives the deviant settings spererately. Score, study score, of the version contain the complete version. Resembles Version IV but cannot be reconstructed. Klaus Hofmann Carus 2. Felix Schroeder Carus Advent op. Abendmahlslied op.

Werner Jaksch Carus Armin Kircher Carus Gerhard Bornefeld Carus Wondrous sounding word! WoO posth. All works available with performance material. Thomas Schlage Carus Bruno Grusnick Carus Psalmen und Motetten zu drei Stimmen ed. Stimmen ed. Offertorium pastorale op. Graduale Dominus regnavit. Offertorium Exsulta filia. Jean-Paul C. Montagnier Carus Deutsche Votivmesse von der hl. Complete edition of the shorter sacred music foir choir and ensembles ed. Rudolf Walter Carus Adagietto aus der 5.


Vokalbearbeitung des 5. Au soir op. Introitus am 1. Offertorium am 3. Offertorium am 4. Freuet euch, ihr Christen alle. Andreas Traub Carus Paul Horn Carus Wolfgang Hochstein Carus Wolfgang Hochstein, Turdis Rasmussen Carus Lobe meine Seele Gott, den Herrn op. Charles H. Sherman Carus Thomas C. Pumberger Carus Oratorium Hob. Nicolai-Messe Hob. Joannis de Deo. Graduale pro omne tempore Hob.

Motette Hob. Skolie Hob. Jahrhundert op. Choralkantate op. Meine Seele erhebt den Herrn op. Das ist mir lieb op.

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Tanzlied op. Gott erscheinet!. Hiller G. Neuausgabe von Uwe Wolf Motets and Arias for choirs, 6 vols. Gott erscheinet! Mark Passion. Advent bis Neujahr ed.

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Kantate zum 4. Kantate zum 1. Kantate zum 3. Aria HoWV V. Alles hat er so wohl getan HoWV V. Spruchtext auf das Evangelium zum 1. Mark Passion, arr. Klaus-Martin Bresgott Carus 4. Thomas Kohlhase Carus Sinfonie dt arr. Maklakiewicz, Jan Adam — — Kolysanca.

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Orchesterfassung — Hymne op. Symphonie — Magnificat in D — Tu es Petrus op. Ein Oratorium nach Worten des Alten Testaments op. The herald angels sing. Duetto e Coro, aus: Lobgesang, op.