Deadly Encounters of the Supernatural Kind

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Though sworn to defend mortals, Beau feels removed and detached from humankind.

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He loses all desire for personal interaction with mortals until his next target, Bradley Hildebrand, turns out to be the one woman he cannot seem to get off his mind. A group that intends nothing but devastation to those around them discovers the location of Bradley and her artifact. After an attack that leaves Bradley lucky to be alive, the men take off with the widely sought after historical object. He sent her a sideways glance. That oughtta prove it. Bradley braced her hands on his forearms and stood on tiptoes so she could peer into his mouth.

Slapping him on the chest, she stepped back. No proof. Not a vampire. She had to mentally count to ten to keep herself from ogling him. She studied the way little water droplets glistened on the ends of his shoulder length, jet-black hair. Her eyes skimmed over his broad chest, hungrily taking in the way his shirt clung to every muscle. They caressed across hers, soft and tentative as his arm snaked around her waist. He pulled her gently toward him until her body melded against his. His mouth became more persistent against hers, nudging her lips apart.

You know that, right? Bradley relaxed against him, making a happy mewing noise when he caressed her cheek with the back of his hand. She was just starting to fully enjoy herself when a sharp pain invaded her lower lip. An instant later, she tasted blood. Beau moaned, drawing her lip into his mouth, sucking at her bleeding flesh.

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By the time she got there, her mom was almost dead, but then suddenly she had a miraculous recovery. Elsie lost her dad six years ago, and grieved heavily. On the anniversary of his death, she was looking at a picture of him on a table, when it moved toward her. Because of this, she's learned to listen to the spirits. So, when Elsie woke suddenly one night and felt compelled to tell her healthy mom to see a doctor right away, she phoned immediately.

The next morning her mom went, where they discovered a blood clot that would have killed her within 24 hours had she not gone. Catholic rosaries are used to ward off supernatural threats. Ghostly experiences from childhood are recalled by two sisters. Ghosts with unfinished work are discussed. Six years of ghostly visits, anorexia and sleep deprivation have caused a young woman's health to deteriorate.

Haunted-house experiences are discussed. Ghosts of murder victims are discussed. Spirits from the Philippines are investigated during this look at two cases. Neighborhood ghost sightings are alleged after an Indian burial ground is disturbed. Two women discover supernatural activity at their jobs.

Deadly Encounter 1982, Larry Hagman

Two people believe their deceased mothers have returned from the grave. A lump of coal from the Titanic leads to a paranormal experience.

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A frightened family believes their home is haunted. Nobody believes Kendra Lee and Aaron when they claim to have had horrifying supernatural experiences as children. Georgia and Ravi discuss alleged supernatural experiences mirroring cultural folk tales from Greece and South Asia. Two people believe ghosts have attempted to warn them of imminent danger.

The deceased owner of an old farmhouse still walks its halls, according to the family living there. A look at pathways and trails that are purportedly haunted. Included: an old native footpath in Toronto. Honey Sherman believes a ghost saved her son's life; Robert Algeo claims a ghost protected him during a deadly industrial accident. Paranormal occurrences in two homes scare the residents from returning. Ghost sightings near a temple and a graveyard are discussed.

A couple speculate about the ghost of a judge who they believe haunted their first home. Two people discuss how ghosts helped put an end to their disturbing nightmares.

Close Encounters of a Deadly Kind

A woman claims a misogynistic ghost haunts her childhood home. People discuss purported ghostly visits from their ancestors. Recalling supposed interventions by good ghosts who protect people from malevolent spirits.

Included: at a prehistoric excavation site, a man believes he sees an apparition of a man; and a man claims to see his late uncle at a Muskoka, Ontario, lodge. Supposed workplace sightings are recalled, including a claim that ghosts were seen at a hotel that was the site of a fire years earlier. Supposedly haunted hospitals are discussed. Included: a woman claims to see the ghost of a boy watching over her newborn; and a supposed sighting at a school that once was an infirmary. A scary experience with a wraith inspires a dancer to become a better performer; a ghost inspires a musician to write songs for a band.

An allegedly haunted mansion in Detroit is home to two ghosts. One is pleasant and stays on the upper level, while the other one is menacing and dwells in the basement, where a woman reportedly stashed her husband's dead body.

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Elderly apparitions are recalled. Included: a supposed encounter with a grandmother. Also: a woman claims to see the gnarled face of an old woman on her boyfriend. Two very different encounters, one aggressive and one passive, that force people to leave their homes, are recalled. Deceased loved ones and supposed connections with family are explored. Included: a woman claims that her mother's ring, which was left on top of her grave, is found miles away; and a woman claims her deceased father appeared at her door with a message.

Included: two men in Dominica claim to see a soucouyant, a supposed local spirit disguised as an old woman; and a woman sees a bearded ghost who's part of Newfoundland folklore. A woman whose twin brother died and whom she believes is still with her believes ghosts are attracted to her; and a woman who had a near-death experience claims she's haunted by a Hawaiian medicine man. Tales of ghosts at the workplace are recalled. Included: a claim about seeing the ghost of a vaudeville performer in a theater; and a supposed haunting by a man who died in an accident. The story of a man who claims that a ghost drove him from his home in Tucson, and is following him on the road, bringing him to the brink of insanity.

Benevolent-ghost stories include a woman who is supposedly helped by a ghost in a diner who listens to her talk about her divorce; and a trucker whose apparition appears as a fellow trucker who gives him some words of comfort. Kelley and Ron both come face-to-face with ghosts that guide them through hard times. Kelley meets an unusual man in a diner and begins to open up again after her recent divorce. Ron, a trucker, helps a mysterious colleague out of a storm and gets a comforting message in return. A renovation of a home supposedly stirs up several ghosts, including angry men, a peaceful young woman, and a baby.

When Erin's family starts to renovate their new country home, the house's long and storied past comes to light. Erin is haunted by the ghosts of angry men storming through the halls at night, the ghost of a peaceful and comforting young woman, and by the ghost of a baby.

Erin's suspicions about the ghosts' connection to the house are confirmed when her father discovers clues to the home's past hidden in the walls. Encounters that guide careers are recalled. Included: a man who saw ghosts as a child uses his experiences to start a career; and a man who makes a surprising discovery at a ghost tour.