Drop That Knowledge: Youth Radio Stories

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Like a certain bestseller, this book examines the teeter-totter relationships between whites and their servants. Hart's tales about The Help, however, are set in a Mexican town beloved by expatriates. Each of 10 stories is named for the "maid included" in the region's rental ads. Elenita, Tencha, Ysabel and the others are capable women who can make life as smooth as pressed sheets. But they also know their own minds and get what they need, even as they make themselves inscrutable or indispensable to their Anglos. Lissa Soep is research director of Youth Radio, the award-winning organization based in Oakland that teaches kids from under-resourced neighborhoods how to tell their stories.

The organization works not just to teach radio, but "teach through radio," and this book combines illuminating youth-culture vignettes and pedagogical insight. The founder of an anti-coal information clearinghouse, Nace reports on the years to , when U. This is the first book to take us inside Youth Radio for a fascinating, behind- the- scenes look at a unique Drop That Knowledge: youth radio stories gives us a peak at what goes on inside of the Oakland, California based, youth development program, Youth Radio. This is the first book to take us inside Youth.

The book emphasizes what is innovative and exciting in youth culture and offers concrete strategies for engaging and. Lissa Ford is a sucker for hot guys and a happy ending. While much has been written about the power of youth media, not all analyses are as thoughtful and nuanced as what Soep and Chavez present in Drop That Knowledge.

By Ben Fong- Torres. Drop That Knowledge weaves their compelling personal stories into a fresh framework for understanding the relationship between media, learning, and youth culture at a moment when all three spheres are undergoing dramatic change. The sequel is a book entitled Enders, with screen rights to the series currently being shopped.

Reflections on Digital Literacy from Youth Radio's Mobile Action Lab

A former NBA basketball star is doing urban farming projects in what city? Chapter two puts forward the concept of collegial pedagogy. This is the first book to take us inside Youth Radio for a fascinating, behind- the- scenes look at a unique, Peabody Award- winning organization that produces distinctive content for outlets from National Public Radio to YouTube.

Lissa, a main character from the Vampire Academy book series. This book is ' not a rhetorical call to celebrate youth voice' but a comprehensive overview of the complex issues that arise in intergenerational media production. A Series of Unrelated Events. Richard Bacon. Emily Herbert. Constructing Digital Cultures. Judith E. Cross-Cultural Journalism.


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