The Password Trick: How To Use a Different Password for Every Website

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Use unique passwords for everything. Password managers are services that auto-generate and store strong passwords on your behalf. These passwords are kept in an encrypted, centralized location, which you can access with a master password.

Password Do’s and Don’ts — Krebs on Security

Many services are free to use and come with optional features such as syncing new passwords across multiple devices and auditing your password behavior to ensure you are not using the same one in too many locations. And do not plaster your password on a sticky note on your work computer.

The more sensitive your information is, the more often you should change your password. Once it is changed, do not use that password again for a very long time.


Hackers could keep trying to crack your passwords no matter how strong you make them. Discover will help you to protect your identity by monitoring thousands of risky websites and alert you if they find your social security number. Two-factor authentication 2FA and multi-factor authentication MFA add an extra layer of protection which becomes your first layer of protection should your account details ever get leaked. These protocols have become the new industry standard for effective security. They require something in addition to a password, such as a code sent to your phone, biometrics fingerprint, eye scan, etc.

Security keys take security to the next level. It serves as your MFA, granting you file access only if you physically have the key. Last year, Google mandated all of its employees to begin using security keys , and the company claims it has not experienced a single data breach among its 85, workers since.

They have even announced plans to market their own product called the Titan Security Key , designed specifically to protect people against phishing attacks. When a certain security key, website, mobile app, etc. Otherwise, two-factor authentication is recommended.

Quick Tips & Tricks for creating good passwords.

For that big kahuna, we encourage you to use every tip and trick listed above. The password manager itself will remember all the other passwords to all your other accounts.

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Moreover, it can generate super-complicated, extra-long passwords that are infinitely more difficult to crack than any passwords a human might come up with. Try Avast Passwords for free , or get it along with a suite of other great security tools when you download Avast Free Antivirus. Protect your login information further with these common sense high-security tips:. That way, when you log into accounts, no one is intercepting your username and password.

When selecting security questions while creating an account, choose hard-to-guess options to which only you know the answer.

Tricks to hack hashed passwords

Many questions have easy-to-find answers in social channels with a simple search, so beware and choose carefully. Breaches continue to happen, so just by sharing this blog post with friends and family, you will be helping your inner circle to protect themselves. If a threat somehow gets past your strong defenses and into your system, a good antivirus will detect and neutralize it.

I Accept. Visit avast. Charlotte Empey , 15 August The best passwords will thwart brute force and dictionary attacks, but it's also possible to make them easy to remember.

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  • How does a password get hacked? Brute force attack This attack tries to guess every combination in the book until it hits on yours.

    Dictionary attack This attack is exactly what it sounds like — the hacker is essentially attacking you with a dictionary. Phishing That most loathsome of tactics — phishing — is when cybercriminals try to trick, intimidate, or pressure you through social engineering into unwittingly doing what they want. The anatomy of a strong password Now that we know how passwords are hacked, we can create strong passwords that outsmart each attack though the way to outsmart a phishing scam is simply not to fall for it.

    Avoid these top 10 weak passwords Can it be brute force attacked? Keeping in mind the nature of a brute force attack, you can take specific steps to keep the brutes at bay: Make it long — This is the most critical factor.

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    Choose nothing shorter than 15 characters, more if possible. Use a mix of characters — The more you mix up letters upper-case and lower-case , numbers, and symbols, the more potent your password is, and the harder it is for a brute force attack to crack it. Avoid common substitutions — Password crackers are hip to the usual substitutions. The idea is to use a formula, system, or rule to assist you in creating and remembering secure passwords. These formulas can be as simple or complex as you want, and can be really helpful in remember all your different passwords.

    And voila, we have a long password that contains upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols, and is easy to remember! As an added bonus, if you had trouble remembering what song you took the lyric from, you could write that down without worrying that your password was going to be stolen. A more complicated formula might be to choose a phrase that reminds you of the site that you are using, e. The final, and arguably the most secure, option for creating and remembering secure passwords is to use a password manager.

    Password managers are programs which are designed to remember your password for you. It works like this; you set one Master Password, which you need to remember. When you go to log in to a website, the password manager can automatically fill out the username and password field for you, saving you both time and the effort required to remember the password. This means that you can create long, complex, unique, passwords for each of your online accounts, and not have to deal with trying to remember them.

    You simply need to remember your Master Password. Even better, most password managers include the ability to generate passwords for you.

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    There are many free and paid password managers out there, like Sticky Password , LastPass , KeePass , and 1Password , each with their own pros and cons. Many have a free trial which you can use to see if it works for you. Alright , now we've looked at four different methods for creating kick-ass, easy to remember, passwords. You should now be able to adopt one of the methods, or use a combination of methods, to create your own kick-ass passwords.